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Quantum Clustering

By David Horn, Assaf Gottlieb and Inon Axel.


The downloadable files in this page are Matlab source files for performing and evaluating the Quantum Clustering
method for data in arbitrary number of dimensions

Source Files Download

The Quantum Clustering source code, written in Matlab, is freely available for academic use under the following license agreement. It is also available for non-academic use under appropriate licensing. Please contact David Horn

download all files in zip format or the separate files here: - contains all the files below
QCscript.m - A sample script that performs SVD and QC and displays the results graphically
qc.m - Quantum Clustering function
graddesc.m - Gradient descent in the QC potential
FineCluster.m - split the data into clusters after performing gradient descent
plotClust.m - plot the clustering results
clustmeasure.m - computes Jaccard measure, Minkovski measure and other related figures