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S61 SP hits on Putative Peptides

By Erez Persi.


The downloadable files in this page are source files in C and text files needed to process a given input file consisting of a list of DNA sequences. This program produces an output file of 3949 lines. Each line describes the hits of a single SP. Please read the follwing file
READ_ME.doc - which explains how to use the C code and the MATLAB utility functions provided below:

Source Files Download

The source code is freely available for academic use under the following registration and license agreement. It is also available for non-academic use under appropriate licensing. Please contact David Horn

The C code and MATLAB utility functions:

read_data.m - reads the output file of the C program and saves the SP hits information.
sr2pp.m - utility function to be used with read_data.m (see READ_ME.doc).
Translate.m - utility function to be used with read_data.m (see READ_ME.doc).
SP_S61.xls - XLS file containing the list of SP their length and their corresponding ECs - to be used with read_data.m (see READ_ME.doc).

The 2 input files needed for the C program are
- DNA (short reads or contigs transformed into amino-acid sequences) containing DNA sequences
- SP_S61.txt (attached - the list of 3949 SPs)

Also available is a text file ECs_S61.txt containing the EC numbers of the 3949 SPs (this information is given in the XLS file above as well).