Israel Committee for National Research Infrastructures 2007-2009
Israel National Council for Research and Development

Chairman: Prof. David Horn
Phone: +(972)-3-6429305
Secretary: Mrs. Michal Finkelman-Reuven
Phone: +(972)-3-6406619
Fax: +(972)-3-6407932


Minutes of Dec-5-07

Minutes of March-16-08

Minutes of Sep-8-08

Minutes of Jan-15-09

Minutes of April-2-09

Minutes of July-9-09

Presentation by Mosad Ne'eman July-9-09

Minutes of November-26-09


Public Reports and Decisions

Vatam Report 2009

National Longitudinal Social Survey

National Biological Collections

Other Material

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ESFRI Strategy and Roadmap Report 2010

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Links to National and International RI policy organizations


ERF = European association of national Research Facilities

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