Data Mining of Enzymes (DME)

The method of Data Mining of Enzymes is described in detail in the article
  • Data mining of enzymes using specific peptides.
    (Uri Weingart, Yair Lavi and David Horn) BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10:446

  • It is based on the Specific Peptide (SP) approach developed in the paper
  • Functional representation of enzymes by specific peptides
    (Vered Kunik, Yasmine Meroz, Zach Solan, Ben Sandbank, Uri Weingart, Eytan Ruppin and David Horn)
    PLOS Computational Biology 2007, 3(8):e167.  

  • The appearance of SPs, deterministic motifs of amino-acids, on the sequence of a putative protein indicates that the sequence belongs to an enzyme, and specifies its EC categorization.

  • DME11 is a webtool providing all SP hits on a protein query, including also indicators of active and binding sites, protein families and domains, all extracted from Swiss-Prot training data.