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    • Local Compensation in Alzheimer's Disease: A Computational Study.
      (David Horn, Nir Levy and Eytan Ruppin) Computational Neuroscience (CNS95), ed. J. M. Bower, Academic Press 1996, 361-366.
    • Temporal Segmentation in a Neural Dynamic System
      (David Horn and Irit Opher) Neural Computation 8, 375-391 (1996)
    • Dynamical Symmetries and Temporal Segmentation
      (David Horn and Irit Opher) J. Nonlinear Sci. 5 (1995) 359-372
      pdf file
    • A Neural Model of Delusions and Halucinations in Schizophrenia
      (E. Ruppin, J. A. Reggia and D. Horn) in "Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7", G. Tesauro, D. S. Touretzky and T. K. Leen, eds., MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1995, p. 149-156.
    • On the Pathogenesis of Schizophrenic Delusions and Hallucinations:
      A Neural Model (E. Ruppin, J. A. Reggia and D. Horn) Schizophrenia Bulletin, 22 (1996) 105-123.
    • Compensatory mechanisms in an attractor neural network model of Schizophrenia
      (D.Horn and E. Ruppin) Neural Computation, 7 (1995) 1494-1517.
    • Decomposition of a Mixture of Signals in a Model of the Olfactory Bulb
      (O. Hendin, D. Horn and J. J. Hopfield) Proc. Nat. Acad. Sciences, 91 (1994) 5942-5946. [PS Compressed (157 kB)]
    • Networks of complex neurons,
      Physica A 200 (1993) 594--601. Included in: I. Kanter, M. Deutsch, S. Havlin, M. Kaveh and Y. Yeshurun, editors {\it Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics IV} North-Holland 1993.
    • Combined Neural Networks for Time Series Analysis
      (I. Ginzburg and D. Horn) in J. D. Cowan, G. Tesauro, and J. Alspector, editors,
      Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems - 6 - (NIPS*93), 224-231 (1994) Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA.
    • Learning the Rule of a Time Series
      (I. Ginzberg and D. Horn) Int. Journal for Neural Systems 3 (1992) 167-177.
    • Neural network modeling of memory deterioration in Alzheimer's disease.
      (D. Horn, E. Ruppin, M. Usher, M. Herrmann) Neural Computation 5 (1993) 736 - 749.
    • t-Expansion of Lowest Hadron Masses
      (D. Horn and D. Schreiber) Phys. Rev. D47 (1993) 2081.
    • Extra-pyramidal symptoms in Alzheimer's disease: a hypothesis
      (D. Horn and E. Ruppin) Medical Hypotheses 39 (1992) 316-318.
    • Synaptic deletion and compensation in Alzheimer disease: A neural model.
      (D. Horn, E. Ruppin, M. Usher, M. Herrmann) in Computation and Neural Systems, F.H.Eckman and J.M.Bower, eds (Kluwer Academic Pub. 1993) p. 467-472.
    • Oscillatory Model of Short Term Memory
      (D. Horn and M. Usher) in Advances in Neural Infromation and Processing Systems 4, J.E.Moody S.J.Hanson R.P.Lippmann eds,(Morgan Kaufmann Pub. 1992) p. 125-132. pdf file
    • Segmentation, Binding and Illusory Conjunctions
      (D. Horn, D. Sagi and M. Usher) Neural Computation 3 (1991) 510-525. pdf file
    • Chaotic Behavior of a Neural Network with Dynamical Thresholds
      (O. Hendin, D. Horn and M. Usher) Int. Jour. Neural Systems 1 (1991) 327--335. pdf file
    • Neural networks with dynamical thresholds
      (D. Horn and M. Usher) Phys. Rev. A 40 (1989) 1036-1044. pdf file
    • Frustrated Spin-Hamiltonians with Binary Input, Phys. Rev. A33 (1986) 2595 .pdf file

    Selection of Ancient Publications

    • The t expansion and SU(2) lattice gauge theory
      (D. Horn, M. Karliner and M. Weinstein) Phys. Rev. D 31 (1985) 2589-2599.
      pdf file
    • The t expansion: A nonperturbative analytic tool for Hamiltonian systems
      (D. Horn and M. Weinstein) Phys. Rev. D 30 (1984) 1256-1270. pdf file
    • geometric_fermions
      (T. Banks, Y. Dothan and D. Horn) Phys. Lett. B 117, 413-417 (1982). pdf file
    • Finite Matrix Models with Continuous Local Gauge Invariance
      (D. Horn) Phys. Lett. 100B, 149-151 (1981). pdf file
    • Variational approach to Hamiltonian lattice theories
      (D. Horn) Phys. Rev. D (1980) 1824-1831. pdf file
    • Hamiltonian approach to Z(N) lattice gauge theories
      (D. Horn, M. Weinstein and S. Yankielowicz) Phys. Rev. D 19 (1979) 3715-3731. pdf file
    • Bosonization of the SU(N) Thirring Model
      (T.Banks, D. Horn and H. Neuberger) Nuc. Phys.B108 (1976) 119-129. pdf file
    • Coherent production of pions
      (D. Horn and R. Silver) Annals Phys. 66 (1971) 509-541. pdf file
    • Two Overlapping Resonances: Production and Decay in S-Matrix Theory
      (Y. Dothan and D. Horn) Phys. Rev. D 1 (1970) 916-925. pdf file
    • Many Particle Phenomena
      (D. Horn) Proc. of Int. Conf. on Duality and Symmetry in Hadron Physics. Ed. E. Gotsman, 1971. pdf file
    • Horn-Schmid Duality. Comments by G. F. Chew
      Comments on Nuclear and Particle Physics (1968), 74-76. pdf file
    • Finite-Energy Sum Rules and Their Application to pi-N Charge Exchange
      (R. Dolen, D. Horn and C. Schmid) Phys. Rev. 166 (1968) 1768-1781. pdf file
    • Prediction of Regge-parameters of rho poles from low-energy pi-N scattering data
      (R. Dolen, D. Horn and C. Schmid) Phys. Rev. Lett. 19 (1967) 402-407. pdf file
    • Finite Energy Sum Rules.
      (D. Horn and C. Schmid) Unpublished Preprint CALT-68-127, April 1967. pdf file



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  • Opinion: Validity of the 2nd Chargaff rule and Inversion Symmetry